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State Inspection California

California requires all vehicles to undergo a smog inspection EXCEPT: Gasoline-powered vehicles model year 1975 and older. Natural gas-powered vehicles weighing over 14,000 lbs. . Diesel-powered vehicles that: Are model year 1997 and older. OR Have a gross weight rating of over 14,000 lbs. Electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles. Motorcycles. Trailers. Additionally, the following counties require smog checks in certain zip codes only: El Dorado San Diego Placer San Bernardino Sonoma Riverside

State Inspection Texas

In Texas, you must submit your vehicle to a safety inspection and emissions testing within 30 days of moving to the state. Established residents will need to renew your inspection upon registration renewal. Safety inspections are mandatory for all vehicles, while emissions tests are required in certain counties only. Brand new vehicles are also exempt from smog checks.
We do both Inspections and Safety Checks in Texas.

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