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Exterior Wash

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Exterior Wash Services

Choose from these 4 exterior wash services options. 
Prices and Services may vary at each location.
Visit store page to get a list of available services and prices.


Bronze Exterior Wash

Starting Services for Bronze include:

  • Pre-soak penetrating spray

  • Spa Foam Cleaner

  • Spa Soft Cloth Tunnel Wash

  • Spot Free Rinse

  • In-Tunnel Wheel Cleaner


    Gold exterior wash

    All services in Bronze Exterior plus:

  • Foam Polish Wax

  • Triple Coat Foam Wax

  • Tire Shine

  • Underbody Rinse with Rust Inhibitor


    Platinum exterior wash

    All services in Gold Exterior plus:

  • Rain X Complete Surface Protectant


    Platinum Plus exterior wash

    All services in Platinum Exterior plus:

  • Carnauba Wax
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    Very honest, made sure my car fax matched the actual service completed on the vehicle plus I received a killer deal on synthetic oil change.

    Adrian / Plano, TX


    They even have a 48 hour guarantee, so if a bird decides to attack your car after you get your car washed, you can always bring it back for a free exterior wash.

    Larry / Dallas, TX


    If you want your car to be sparkling like new again, go here, and go ahead and spring for the deep interior clean!

    Lisa / Dallas, TX


    Overall, I loved this place. Prices weren't the cheapest, but they were fair and I got what I wanted. The OUTSTANDING service will keep me coming back. Great job by all!

    Victoria / Los Angeles, CA