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About Car Spa

Car Spa is a national retailer that builds and operates high-quality car care supercenters. Based out of Dallas, TX, Car Spa currently owns and operates 16 locations across five states in the southern portion of the United States.

Car Spa facilities are operating in California, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida. Our facilities typically offer a full service or exterior soft cloth car wash, car detailing, quick lube services, a convenience store and a gasoline filling station with such brands as ExxonMobil, Conoco and Chevron. Full Service locations are equipped with WiFi to enhance the customer experience while waiting.

Car Spa entered the car care industry because we believed there was a need for a well-managed national car care retailer that could deliver an excellent customer experience and is the single most important objective behind the Car Spa concept. Our facilities are all conveniently located on main streets and highways – usually right on the corner. Our stores are designed for customer comfort, quick processing time, uncompromising safety, and high-quality results.

Our Services

Car Spa builds and operates car care supercenters in California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia. It offers exterior soft cloth car wash, full-service car wash, car detailing, lube, emissions/state inspection, and headlight restoration services.

Detail Services

Detail Services

Express Details that allow you to get a professional detail without the long waits at most auto detail shops.

Exterior Wash

Exterior Wash

Exterior Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus options.

Full Service Wash

Full Service Wash

Tire Shine, Underbody Rinse with Rust Inhibitor, Rain X Complete Surface Protectant, Carnauba Wax and more.

Lube Services

Lube Services

Car Spa’s Express Lube keeps you rolling. Basic Lube Services are normally performed in 15 minutes or less.

State Inspections & Emissions

State Inspections & Emissions

State Inspections, Emission and Smog Checks.

Car Spa has located all of its stores on high-quality real estate. This reflects Car Spa’s fundamental belief that our services need to be conveniently located on the commuting or shopping routes of our customers.

Best Retail Locations

Car Spa invested heavily in information systems early and often. We enjoy the benefits of strategic alliances with software providers such as Microsoft Business Solutions, Ruby, and DRB Systems. These industry-leading systems have been uniquely integrated into a technology strategy that has resulted in unparalleled management information systems, a consistent customer point of sale experience, and strong financial controls.

Commitment to Technology

Car Spa believes in offering multiple services on one site in order to deliver one-stop customer convenience, as well as improved business economics.

Multi-Product Offering

Since the company’s inception, Car Spa has been committed to the continuous improvement of its operating model. Car Spa has learned many valuable lessons from servicing over 2.5 million customers annually at its 15 stores in five states. Car Spa has been able to transform this knowledge into the evolution of a prototype store design for the future.

Prototype Store

Our store operations are managed by dedicated car care veterans. These individuals were either groomed internally or carefully selected with experience at top performing car care centers. Car Spa believes that top management talent is required to operate a store properly and the Company is committed to recruiting, training, retaining, and properly compensating the finest, store general managers, and store assistant managers in the industry.

Retail Management Team

Our core management team has a proven track record of growing and managing a large national business. Their prior experience has come from consumer and retail companies such as USA Waste and Boston Market.

Senior Management Team

Car Spa was established with a large contribution of private equity from its hands-on management team.

Well Capitalized Ownership