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Car Care Tips

Keeping the clear-coat finish of your vehicle clean and in good repair is the most important step in maintaining the appearance of your car or truck. The recommendations presented here will help you protect your vehicle investment and keep it looking great.

WEEKLY, MONTHLY and quarterly TIPS

  • Weekly Treat your vehicle to a Bronze Exterior Wash or, if the interior needs attention, to a Bronze Full Service Wash or a Silver Full Service Wash.
  • Monthly Get the added protection of a Gold Exterior or, if the interior needs attention, to a Gold Full Service Wash.
  • Quarterly Repair and recondition your clear-coat finish with an Express Polish service. Employ our other detailing services (Express Carpet Deep Cleanse, Express Seat Treatment, and Interior Super Clean) as needed to maintain the interior of your vehicle.

These recommendations are based on normal driving conditions in typical weather. Actual driving conditions and weather variances may dictate the need for more or less frequent servicing.