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Car Spa offer a range of programs for their customers by offering fundraising, splashback rewards, fleet and house accounts.

Fleet & House Accounts

Car Spa provides Fleet account holders with a convenient, easy to use, once a period billing service.


Car Spa participates in many Fundraising Events for beneficial and worthy causes.

Splashback Rewards

Visit one of your nearest Car Spa locations today to pick up your Splash Back Rewards Card.

Very honest, made sure my car fax matched the actual service completed on the vehicle plus I received a killer deal on synthetic oil change.

Adrian / Plano, TX


They even have a 48 hour guarantee, so if a bird decides to attack your car after you get your car washed, you can always bring it back for a free exterior wash.

Larry / Dallas, TX


If you want your car to be sparkling like new again, go here, and go ahead and spring for the deep interior clean!

Lisa / Dallas, TX


Overall, I loved this place. Prices weren't the cheapest, but they were fair and I got what I wanted. The OUTSTANDING service will keep me coming back. Great job by all!

Victoria / Los Angeles, CA